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Our first anthology
of genre micronarrative.

“Surprising quality”
—John O'Neill, Black Gate editor

Members of Spec Tech

Speculative Technologies Writing Group

Miranda Raine
Many years ago, a beautiful Amazon warrior imbibed a little too much mead, and woke up in bed with a fiery-haired leprechaun. Nine-and-a-half months later, Miranda Raine was born. Her way with words has gotten her out of many a predicament, but has occasionally embroiled her in the odd, unintended adventure. Fortunately for us, she occasionally writes them down!

Eli Parke

Bhim Nimgade

Jason Loch
Read Jason’s interview with Patrick Rothfuss

Carol Hassler
“Spontaneous Sam” in New Scientist
“Blink” in Daily Science Fiction
twitter @dreamysusan

Julie Fitzpatrick

Lance Brandson

Dan Dysan
We're sorry to have lost Dan on September 14, 2013.

Benjamin Billman

F.J. Bergmann
“Enter Here” in Eschatology
“Mirror” in Newport Review

Other Anthology Participants

Jeanie Tomasko
Richard Roe
Mike Greendonner
Breanna Billman
Fred Bergmann

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