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Our first anthology
of genre micronarrative.

“Surprising quality”
—John O'Neill, Black Gate editor

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Radio Literature
April 2012 Speculative Technologies interview, reading from Tendrils & Tentacles and more on WORT 89.9 FM. archived mp3

June 1, 2012: Speculative Technologies read from Tendrils & Tentacles and more at Village Booksmith, on the courthouse square across from the cannon, Baraboo, WI.

We read at WisCon 2012, and Black Gate editor John O'Neill attended our reading. His blog mention (scroll down to the bottom) was so good we have to quote it:

“My final reading at Wiscon 2012 was Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm: Things that Go Clank, Twinkle, and Squish in the Night. Here author F.J. Bergmann hosted a rapid-fire reading of flash fiction by Speculative Technologies, a Madison-based group of science fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

“Speculative Technologies has published a flash fiction anthology of surprising quality, Tendrils & Tentacles, and its contributors took turns entertaining the audience with their contributions.

“Readers included F.J. Bergmann, Benjamin Billman, Breanna Billman, Dan Dysan, and Julie Fitzpatrick. A small number of Speculative Technologies members who didn’t make it into the anthology also read, which added to the variety of the proceedings.

“Most impressive of these was Anaea Lay, who entertained us with the opening of Sentient Domain, an unpublished novel set in a gorgeously baroque far future where a woman who is not what she seems visits a sleepy space port… and quickly runs afoul of a subtle trap for careless spies. Sentient Domain was so good that I made sure to catch up with Anaea after the reading to beg her to send me the rest of the novel, which she very kindly did.”

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