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Tendrils & Tentacles

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Our first anthology
of genre micronarrative.

“Surprising quality”
—John O'Neill, Black Gate editor

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Group Anthology: Tendrils & Tentacles

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Speculative Technologies, 2012, $8
Our first coöperative venture includes 32 micro-stories, flash fiction, and prose poems, guaranteed to induce reactions from delicate frissons of terror to convulsive fits of the giggles. Order it, or obtain it from Avol's Bookstore, 315 W. Gilman St., Madison, WI, and other perceptive purveyors. Sample stories.
A review.

Members’ Books:  
Out of the Black Forest
by F.J. Bergmann
Out of the Black Forest cover
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Centennial Press, 2012
A chapbook of conflated fairy-tale poems, all gorgeously illustrated by Kelli Hoppman
Remember Me
by F.J. Bergmann
remember me cover
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Musa Publishing, 2012
What the alien bottle from the stars held was not wine, but the memories of his lost love.
The Holman Files
by Lance Brandson
the holman files cover
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CreateSpace, 2011
Lance's first novel, in which the worlds of a police detective, a leprechaun, and a dragon collide.
Same Old Quest
by Dan Dysan
same old quest cover
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CreateSpace, 2011
Dan's first published novel, an action-packed parody of all that is silly in traditional fantasy.

Constellation of the Dragonfly
by F.J. Bergmann
same old quest cover
Available in print only.
Plan B Press, 2008
Science-fiction poetry, to impress
the aliens when they get here.

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